Yamhill County Solid Waste

Yamhill County Solid Waste was faced with educating the public on how to reduce their growing waste stream while meeting the demands of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and keeping costs in check.

We created a comprehensive strategy that helped dispel the antagonistic nature of agencies that “nagged the public” into doing the right thing. Instead, the strategy placed a fun and upbeat tone at the center and created a hub on the web and in print (a must to meet state regulations) that positioned the agency as “a public agency that works to keep air, water and the environment safe for you and your family through education, planning and special events.”

We helped YCSW form new and innovative partnerships with thrift shops, coffee shops, consignment shops and recyclers to maintain a comprehensive Resource Guide on where to recycle, donate or sell goods – all in an effort to reduce the county’s waste stream and maintain a healthy environment.

More information: ycsw.org