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Reach the One

Human Centered Marketing

The Most Important Thing to Know

You don't reach markets. You reach people. Each advertisement, each video, each photo, each newsletter, each billboard, each Facebook post, each email, each web page. Each reaches one at a time. The most important thing to know? How to reach that person. 

What Can We Do For You?

Hinmon Agency provides a full range of advertising, marketing, public relations, and design services.

Branding, Messaging & Identity

This comes first. The look, feel, and message of your brand are the foundation of all your marketing. 

Strategic Planning

Start every campaign with the end in mind and a clear vision of who you want to reach and why. 

Content Development

Words. Images. Design. All carefully crafted to make sure you are speaking directly to the one

Traditional Marketing

Print. Radio. TV. Direct mail. Billboards. They are still an important part of your marketing plan.

Digital Marketing

Web. E-Newsletters. Digital ads. Target the right person at the right time online. Then measure and improve. 

Social Media Marketing

Engage with your community where they are with authenticity. 


Healthcare Clients We've Helped

Mayo Clinic   ~   Northwestern Medicine   ~   Providence Health    ~    Legacy Emanuel Medical Center    ~    Willamette Valley Medical Center   ~    Portneuf Medical Center    ~    Madison Community Hospital    ~   Salem Hemotology and Oncology    ~    Yamhill Community Care        

About Hinmon Agency

We are a human-centered agency, bringing together skilled specialists who collaborate to create targeted marketing to reach the one. Meet Dan Hinmon, our President and CEO. 

Adds Tremendous Value

"Dan is a highly experienced and influential marketing strategist who adds tremendous value to the organization."


Regional Hospital

Engages People

"Dan is one of the most talented communications experts with whom I've worked in my career. Dan doesn't talk at people -- he engages with them."  

Executive VP 

International Public Relations Firm

Quality Results, On Time

"Hinmon is expert and elegant in his approach to providing high quality results, on time, joyfully."


Physician Association

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