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Hinmon Agency

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Dan Hinmon is President and CEO of Hinmon Agency. Through 30+ years of marketing, working with some of the finest hospitals and marketers in healthcare, Dan has gathered a skilled team of specialists to make sure your project reaches the one

In 1990 Dan launched the Hinmon Agency to provide strategic and creative services for governments, non-profits, small businesses, higher education, and healthcare. Through his expertise in strategic planning, active listening, creativity, and human-focused messaging he has established strong brands for clients. 

In 2015 Dan joined the Mayo Clinic Social and Digital Innovation team, where he managed the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network and contributed to social media strategy. He is also President and CEO of Hive Strategies, a firm that provides expert advice on Facebook support groups for hospitals and clinics. 

Dan is a popular speaker on healthcare marketing and social media. He presented at the 2019 Mayo Clinic Mideast Healthcare Social Media Summit in Dubai, UAE. He has served on numerous community and non-profit boards.  

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